Friday, December 15, 2006

Me Gusta!

Yet another gift from the Gutierrez family arrived for Satchel yesterday.

Satchel says, "Me gusta!"

It was a wood puzzle made by Melissa & Doug. Melissa & Doug is a wonderful company that makes wood toys for children, the kind of toys you save and pass on to the grandkids. The puzzle is that of wild animals and it makes the sound of the animal when the appropriate piece is put back in place. Satch got really upset because the zebra sounds more like a dog than a horse. (I honestly have no idea what a zebra sounds like so I'm not sure who is correct, Satchel or M&D) Every time we put the zebra in place and he heard the noise he would shake his head and say "No". (He says no like it's a question) Eventually he kept the piece at his side and I asked Satch several times if he wanted to put the zebra back, but he kept saying "No". Finallly I asked, "Do you want me to turn the sound off?" and he shook his head so I took out the batteries and he was quite happy.

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posted by Wendy at 6:19 AM


Blogger pinkcoyote said...

too funny! we have a bunch of these and we have had to turn the sound off too. satch is so perceptive and has great ideas about what he knows to be true. i love his convictions.

xoxoxoxo p

p.s. this blog goes great with my second cup of coffee....

12:52 PM  

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