Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Way of Satch

You wore out your first toothbrush, but liked your new Elmo toothbrush so much that you wouldn't let go of it the entire day.

You went to sleep with a red crayon in your hand.

You insisted on wearing your "tawtaw" socks (turtle) from cousin Kate for an entire week.

You love your chair from "Grammy" and kept kissing my back while I assembled it.

While I'm trying to make dinner, you proudly point out your crayon illustrations on furniture, tv and walls.

*Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the only thing that gets the crayon off!

You loved your new rug and immediately pulled THREE pieces off of it.

You make a sad face whenever you hear a slow song.

You like placing things on the cat's head when he's snoozing....very Dooce, BRAVO, I'm so proud of you!


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posted by Wendy at 10:27 AM


Anonymous Carla said...

Mr Clean Magic Erasers a.k.a. Mom's Best Friend.
Sweet picture - love the chair, but the wee one IN the chair is more precious!

4:58 PM  

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