Wednesday, November 29, 2006


While wandering around MDG one day, I saw this go-jus necklace and bookmarked the page so I could purchase it with upcoming birthday loot. When I returned they were sold out!

I wanted to use it as a nursing necklace because Satchel now has a habit of reaching into my shirt and twisting my nipple like he's trying to tune in some obscure radio station.

So....I contacted the artist and asked her if she could recreate one so that I may use it to occupy busy little hands. Well, it arrived today and it's lovely!!! Thank you, Courtney. (I will interviewing this talented mama in the coming months)

It is true that I am as picky about jewelry as I am about most things. I only buy jewelry from independent artists. A lot of my jewelry was made by Christopher Roule back when he sold his wares at the flea near Tower on Bwy before he became too famous for me to afford. My favorite earrings were made by Renee Beggsmith and Cleone von Elten in SoHo. And over the years, my uncle has given me six of THESE beauties!

It worked like a charm!


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posted by Wendy at 2:17 PM


Blogger pinkcoyote said...

Oh yes, the titty twisting twiddlers known as our sons. I need one of these necklaces!!! Though when I've tried some he bashes me in the collar bone with them...
Wishing your nippies sweet relief!

xoxoxo p

10:52 PM  

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