Thursday, November 02, 2006


Is it me or is it hard to find fun, funky clothing for boys that doesn't involve drab colors, or navy blue, or graphics of trucks and sports icons?!?! I wish the designers would think like children and sew little tails on their pants and nurture their creativity. I wish they wouldn't dress them like little men. Let them be kids...let them play and pretend and let the clothing reflect the spirit of childhood! There, that's my rant. Now for a rave.....Old Navy finally produced some imaginative t-shirts. However, the colors are a bit boring.

If they had consulted with me (which the didn't) I would have told them that the Griffin shirt would look nifty in sky blue with sahara gold. The Ostrich Joust shirt would look funkier in a pale flamingo and prussian blue. At least that is my humble, artistic opinion.

I'm a big fan of vintage Oilily and scored these new threads for Satch on ebay. I love Nina Mathijsen's use of color and texture. I'm crazy about the faux fur and fleece pieces. I call them muppet clothes. Speaking of muppets....I, for one, am looking forward to November 20th!!!!


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