Monday, November 13, 2006

So Beautifully

With your child's eyes
You are more than you seem
You see into space
I see in your face
The places you've been
The things you have learned
They sit with you so beautifully" - KT Tunstall (Universe & U)
  • You stack your watermelon cubes into little towers.
  • You refuse to put down your crayon to eat and use it as a utencil, spearing your food.
  • You point to your elbow and ask, "Da?" (That?) "Elbow", I reply. You point to your knee and say, "LoLo" (elbow). "That's your knee", I say. And then you just laugh at me as if it is silly that two such similar joints would have different names.
  • You pretend to feed your toy animals (even those in pictures picture books) and make eating sounds punctuated by "mmmm!"
  • You slept well last night, waking only twice to nurse at 12 and at 4...a record since birth!


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posted by Wendy at 9:29 PM


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