Monday, November 06, 2006

Satch at 17 mos

"There was a single blue line of crayon drawn across every wall in the house. What does it mean? I said. A pirate needs the sight of the sea, he said & then he pulled his eye patch down & turned and sailed away." -Brian Andreas, Storypeople

He also likes to draw, it seems, on everything.

There is Purple crayon on the armoire (I couldn't help but think of Harold), blue crayon on dining room wall and orange crayon on the coffee table. The marks appear as if by magic, when my back is turned. I've yet to catch him in the act.

"One evening, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight."

This is the beginning of a wonderful tale....

I nursed Satchel on the Sofa until he was drowsy then laid him down in bed for a nap. When I slipped my breast from his mouth, there was a big glob of food on it. (yick) He always hides a bit of food in his cheek like a squirrel.

Like his mama, Satch digs organization. One afternoon he decided to put all his balls in a ziploc bag.


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posted by Wendy at 6:21 AM


Blogger The Whole Self said...

we're all about the food-on-boobies thing here in my world, little man is quite the squirrel, and it's not unusual for me to find bits of goldfish or apple skin on myself (and in my bra) at the end of the day.

11:13 AM  

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