Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween, Cow/Boy!

How can you not love a holiday that involves costumes and candy!

Satchel was a cow/boy for halloween. The cow was his first favorite animal along with the sound, "moooo". However, the animal du jour is the giraffe which Satch calls, "long neck" (sounding more like laaaaah-nah).

In the morning, after a breakfast of cream cheese on toast with fruit, we donned our costumes (I was the vegetarian farmer in overalls) and headed over to the apple store to buy a new keyboard. Mama fried it with coffee after having given dada heck just a few months prior for doing the same thing. Later we took a stroll to the playground.

The air was warm and smelled of the raked leaves which lined the hilly streets in great heaps. The sky hinted of oncoming rain in shades of grey. Bright berries decorated the branches of nearby trees.

There were a few children dressed in costume at the playground, but Satch didn't seem to notice. He was very busy looking for sticks and digging in the wood chips. We romped about until it began to rain.

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