Friday, October 13, 2006

Even Steven

Remember that episode of Seinfeld in which Jerry claims in his life, "things always even out for him"? Well, yesterday I had one of those days...a bad day OR a good day depending on how you look at it.

I was asked to paint inspiring quotes on the exam room walls of an OB/GYN's office in B'Ville and after the second wall, the bulb in my projector blew out. SO...I called the local art supply store in Syracuse, BUT they said they did not carry my fancy shmancy German Astrascope projector, THOUGH they did carry Artograph AND they just produced an MC-250 model imported from Germany SO the bulb might fit. We jumped in the car and took the 25 minute ride to the store. Once there, Paul, carefully unwrapped the halogen bulb from the Artograph and compared it to mine. It was a fit! BUT, they only carried a 300 watt and mine is a 650 watt. I took it anyway...I quickly sifted through my bag WHEN I realized my wallet wasn't there. THEN I remembered I received an envelope of cash that very morning from a photo shoot I did a few days prior, and paid for the bulb...35 bucks! (I was quite bummed about this because it felt like money was going in one hand and out the was like "do not pass GO, do not collect 200 dollars"). Since I was now in Syracuse, I went to their office there to do some work THEN I realized I left my breast pump back at the B'Ville location. THEN one of the secretaries said that she could pick it up for me so I could have it the following morning. LATER, the office manager reimbursed me for the bulb and I was thrilled.

THEN that night, after I got Satch to sleep, I crept to the kitchen for some Ben & Jerry's "Brownie Batter"...I opened a fresh pint and dug in the scooper....WHEN (Shhlop) a giant, perfectly round, scoop of ice cream went flying through the air and right into my clean, crisp, striped, cotton pajama bottoms THEN (splat) landed on the kitchen floor (which is in the process of being refinished so is quite nasty) rendering the scoop unsalvageable. I walked to the living room with my big, round chocolate stain on the front of my pajama pants and told Robert what happened. He said, "at least it wasn't the last scoop".

I guess it's all about how you look at things...everything does have a way of balancing out..."even Steven".
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posted by Wendy at 6:14 AM


Blogger pinkcoyote said...

i am thoroughly amused by your fortune! i love stories like this!

xoxoxo big hug and brownie batter replacements to you...

6:12 PM  

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