Saturday, September 23, 2006

Toddlers' Tango

Satch and I took a stroll to Westcott Street Fair and heard the most beautiful song. We followed the melody to a corner where a group of toddlers were dancing and swaying to the music. I was moved by both the song and the children. I later found out that the song is "Peace in Twelve Languages" by Tom Knight.

It has become my new mantra. You can hear a sample of it here or download it from Apple itunes!

Paz (“pause”) Spanish
Paix (“pay”) French
Peace English
An (“on”) Korean
Siochain (“sh-Kaan” Gaelic (Irish)
Friede (“free-deh”) German
Shalom Hebrew
Salaam Arabic
Amani ("Ah-mah-nee") Swahili
Santeepop Thai
Heiwa (hey-ee-wah”) Japanese
Hoa Bihn (“hwah-ah-bin”) Vietnamese

Satchel started Toddlers' Tango on tuesday (a gift from grandma). We thought he would enjoy it because he loves music and loves to dance. He was a bit shy at first. He sat and rocked to the music while the other children got up and danced.

toddler's tango session 1 on Vimeo
He really loved tapping the floor with the rhythm stick and paused to wonder what all the woo-hooing was all about.....

rhythm stick 1 on Vimeo
When we got home, we went straight to Amazon and ordered some musical instruments for him: a tea bell, wrist bells, an egg shaker, maracas, a kazoo, and some rhythm sticks. (We are still searching for a good drum.)

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