Friday, July 07, 2006

Late July

At a BBQ last Sunday, Satch spotted a tray of crackers and wanted to taste one. I let him try it and he really enjoyed it. (Click on photo for video link)

So off we went to the food co-op in search of a healthy, easy to chew cracker for our boy. I discovered the "Classic Rich" by "Late July". The ingredients are organic and there are no trans fats. The package design is gorgeous too and has a nostalgic, vintage quality. The crackers will be a special treat because I don't like to over do the wheat products.

What makes 'em so edible:
  • NO genetic modification
  • NO synthetic pesticides
  • NO chemical fertilizers
  • NO trans fats,
  • NO hydrogenated oils,
  • NO corn syrup
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO artificial colors
  • NO preservatives
  • NO cholesterol
...AND they're vegan. What a treat!

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posted by Wendy at 5:35 AM


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