Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Baby Feast

Satchel no longer likes baby food and wants to try whatever we're eating. I don't give Satchel a dish to eat from yet because he still likes to dump things. I make little mounds of finely chopped foods on his tray. His high chair came with two extra trays and the trays snap off for cleaning. He likes to explore the textures and flavors. He touches the stacks with his index finger to see if they are cool or warm.

Last night we had vegetarian fajitas so I made Satch a sampler:
  • Watermelon
  • Avocado
  • Soy "chicken" (we call it tricken)
  • Organic Monterey Jack Cheese
You can tell when he likes the taste of a particular food because he makes a "nnyum-nnyum" sound while he's chewing.

Some other cool features of this chair:
  • It comes with TWO washable seat covers: one vinyl and one reversible cloth cover.
  • It's very sturdy!
  • It has four casters with breaks.
  • It folds up small enough to throw in the trunk and take to a gathering.
  • It has six height adjustments
  • It has four position recline (which came in handy during a spontaneous, much needed nap)
  • It has 2 removable food trays
  • It's comparable to the chic Italian imports, but much less expensive!

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posted by Wendy at 10:23 AM


Blogger pinkcoyote said...

my baby is cute-but it never ceases to amaze me how much my heart melts when i see pictures of satch. you capture so much of his complex personality in your photos-this must be why. i always come to your blog when miles is napping and satch makes me yearn to go wake M up! i'm loving your posts, they are the only ones i never miss. tricken and spontaneous interpretive dances-we are definitely SOUL sisters. i would honestly cry for days if you stopped sharing your life with me. huggins, p

2:55 PM  

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