Sunday, June 25, 2006

Satchel's Dada

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, "Do you know your husband looks like Robin Williams?".

My reply is always, "Yes I know he does, but he's not as hairy".

(I'm a big Robin Williams fan, by the way.)

  • He has a smirky grin that makes him look as though he's up to some mischief.
  • He has wonderful blue eyes framed by small wire spectacles.
  • His hair sticks straight up in the morning like rooster.
  • He walks on his toes with a happy-go-lucky kind of gait, like a boy who scored his first homerun of the summer.
  • He's a loyal Royal's fan (even though they suck).
  • He hates squash of any variety, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and beets.
  • He LOVES peanut butter.
  • He drinks chocolate milk with a spoon.
  • He is a devoted daddy.
  • He has a terrific sense of humor.
Dadaisms aka The Jocular Vernacular of Satchel's Dada:
  1. Maters = Tomatoes
  2. Taters =Potatoes
  3. Crakes = Pancakes
  4. Spin Och = Spinach
  5. Posster = Pasta
  6. Paramecium = Parmesan
  7. Sloppy Bro's = Sloppy Joe's
  8. French Roast = French Toast
  9. Scrubway = Subway
  10. Stupidity = Humidity
  11. Code = Cold
  12. Fadge itus = Fajitas
  13. Samich = Sandwich
  14. Booger King = Burger King
  15. David Buoy = David Bowie
  16. Miluk = Milk
  17. Co Kola = Coca Cola
  18. Ah Guar = Agua/Water

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