Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Moves

Dare I say that Satch slept for 6 hours straight thursday night?!?! Even though my boobs woke me up for every missed feeding, I felt rejuvenated.

Today I loaded up the wagon with toys, snacks, water to occupy Satchel while I weeded the flower bed. When he got bored with the toys, he pulled himself up and practiced skirting around the wagon. After that, and one minor tumble, he figured out how to pull the handle down, sit on it and climb over it. I'm impressed!

Satch doesn't care for the sippy cup, but really digs his new Podee bottle because he can drink it upright with out having to tilt it. After he sips his water he makes an "aaahhh" sound that is truly adorable. A word of caution on the Podee: always check the nipple! Our first one ripped after two uses. The company sent us some replacement nipples.

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posted by Wendy at 4:58 PM


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