Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pure Joy!

"Well I've never met anyone
With your courage
And the way you enjoy life
Puts me to shame."
- Joan Armatrading

Satch got a tricycle for his birthday from his "great aunt, Cackie" and "great grandpa, Gully". It seems he likes a good set of wheels just as much as his mom and dad. I look forward to telling him stories about riding all over Manhattan on my Stingray, and how it got my friend Fawn gave me her son Dylan's swell mountain bike which (unlike my vintage shockless stingray) made a mockery of cobblestone, and SoHo curbs.

What a thrill flying down 5th Ave and running into David Byrne with his big silver helmet, looking mighty cosmic like one of those peruvian scrawls that can only be seen from the air and chatting him up in rush hour traffic....and stories of his daddy's morning rides along the Hudson River to the GWB, returning sweaty and invigorated. No battery powered vehicles for us...we love our pedals!

Dare I mention that Satch slept well last night and had 2 naps today!?!? Thank you all for your encouraging words and wishes. I'm grateful for the Pixies, Charmed Spirits and Jewels.

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