Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our Day In Five Senses

  • The whir of an electric fan
  • The thud of a 95 year old door
  • The quiet rumble of stroller wheels
  • A chorus of tree swallows
  • The distant putter of a lawn mower


  • Golden sunlight filtered through tree tops
  • An elusive Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle...I didn't think anything in nature could be this color (green metallic), but I guess when your name is Cicindela sexguttata, you deserve to be flashy!
  • A hopscotch chalking on a bumpy sidewalk
  • My bare-bellied boy sitting in the grass
  • Peonies so voluptuous, they could not keep their heads up
  • A caterpillar on a dandelion stem


  • Billowy, red poppies in full bloom that just last week, were nothing more than tight, stubbly fists
  • Fresh cut grass


  • Bare feet on old oak floors
  • Soft skin pressed against mine
  • Crisp cotton sheets


  • A cold bottle of water dripping with rivulets of condensation
  • A leftover banana mini cake from Satchel's birthday, that I nibbled while he napped

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posted by Wendy at 2:25 PM


Blogger pinkcoyote said...

i always feel so filled up when i read your journal pages. you are doing such a great job, w. satchel is an amazing reflection of your love for him. xoxoxo

11:37 PM  

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