Monday, May 01, 2006

Impromptu Picnic

You're like a butterfly
A gospel choir
A sun kissed sky
You're like sensual velvet
The rhythm of your heart
is like a sonnet
Pure and sweet....
- Joan Armatrading

On our way home from a late afternoon stroll in search of wonders and beauty, we saw our neighbor, Paul, sitting in the middle of his sprawling front lawn. We decided to join him and a threw down a sheet beside him. (I keep one in the car and one in the stroller for impromptu picnics). The grass was cool and stippled with daisies and violets. Satchel kept touching the grass and giggling. If you've met Satch than you are already aware of his contagious laugh.

Below: some images from our stroll

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posted by Wendy at 5:12 PM


Blogger julie said...

I want to play with him
right now!!
Love it!!!
So very glad you and Satch master flash are in my life.
Endless admiration

9:15 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Much love back at you, Mama-Sizzle!

5:45 PM  

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