Friday, March 24, 2006

Raising Cain

I've just watched the PBS documentary "Raising Cain" and am speechless. I have a better understanding of the emotional challenges boys face and It's truly frightening. I encourage all parents of boys to watch this film. I hope with this new knowledge and further reading I will be more equiped to help Satchel face the challenges of manhood. I am thankful Satchel has an extraordinary daddy and hope that he, like his father, will grow to be a kind, witty, and intelligent man.
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posted by Wendy at 11:35 AM


Blogger julie said...

Thank you so much for lending me this movie and the many books. A real eye opener for both my husband and I. I have differnt outlooks and a new sence of calm when I see my little boy playing dead and running around the house like a drunken monkey high on spead. I have a new appriciation for the saying "boys will be boys". I will accomodate his imagination and never squash it. Thanks again Wendy!

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