Sunday, February 12, 2006

As High As My Soul Can Reach

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach" - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Satchel wearing a cozy one-piece romper, spinach and squash.

Satchel at 8 months:
  • He has 4 teeth
  • He's responding to baby sign language
  • He rocks back and forth to music
  • He says "MAMA"
  • He waves hello
  • He likes to play with my hair
  • He chews on EVERYTHING
  • He kisses and hugs
  • He doesn't like anything on top of his Magic Cube
  • He doesn't like help with a toy, he will push your hand away.
  • He still hates putting on shirts...something about the sleeves.
As for me:
  • I do not like one-piece rompers. The never fit right. The sleeves and legs are often too long, while the torso is too short. Moreover, Satchel sometimes blows raspberries while eating or smears his food faster than I can wipe it. It's so much easier to change a top or bottom rather than the whole sha-bang.
  • I LOVE the BebePod by Prince Lionheart. It's worth every penny. Wish we had bought one sooner. I brought Satchel into the bathroom with me so I could shower...sat him on the floor in his pod and didn't have to worry about it him falling over. He was quite happy and waved to me while I bathed.
  • I don't like baby crew neck sweaters, turtle necks or any shirt that can't stretch wide over the Satchel's noggin. (He doesn't like them either.) V-necks are fabulous. Sometimes I think the babywear industry has lost their marbles. We mommies want more choices than the gender biased pink and blue. We want to clothe our babes in soft, flexible, funky fabrics. We don't want shirts with necks so tight that when we dress our babes, they feel like they're "crowning".


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