Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday at the Market

Since Satchel can sit up on his own now, we decided to let him sit in the grocery cart. This was a new experience for him. We received two of these shopping cart covers for shower gifts. The one by Infantino has a lot of gizmos, but the one by Clean Shopper completely covers the seat. They are a great barrier between unwanted germs and your baby. Satchel wears his binky on the Motley wooden chain by Haba. He puts it in his mouth by himself whenever he wants it. He was using the Avent binky for travel because the handle worked well with his chain. We have since switched to the Playtex Ortho Pro for travel (which also comes with a carrying case). The only complaint that I have about it is that there is a definite top and bottom which makes it harder for Satchel to use on his own. Satchel's favorite binky is by MAM. It is designed so that the top and bottom are the same which makes it easier for Satch to put in his mouth by himself.


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