Sunday, January 15, 2006

Light of My Life

Last night while eating dinner, I noticed that Satchel was looking at the dining room light. I said, "That's a light" and pointed up to it. Then I asked, "Where's the light, Satchel?" as I looked in the direction of the light. Satchel's eyes immediately went to the light and I responded and clapped, "Hooray, very good!" I asked again, "Where's the light?" (this time I kept my eyes on Satchel and did not look in the direction of the light) Satchel again looked up at the light. Robert and I were thrilled and Satchel was just as pleased.

Satchel definitely understands what we say to him and is aware of the world around him so we are begining the "Baby Sign Language" course we received as a shower gift from our friend, Laura.

We are starting with three simple signs: "milk", "eat" and "more".


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