Monday, December 12, 2005

Pair of Pups's true! Target does sell "Robeez" knock-offs for 12 bucks! The have a bit of an odor to them (our Robeez do not) and the dye rubs off on his socks. Probably not a bad idea to wash them first.

Nevertheless, we picked a pair of pups for Satch!

Robeez, however, are much softer, have nicer designs, colors, are beautifully crafted, but are also double the price. What's the hype other than the extreme cuteness? Well, they are the next best thing to bare feet, which is best for babies and toddlers.

Ever since Robeez hit the market, it seems there has been an onslaught of similar shoes:


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posted by Wendy at 8:55 AM


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