Friday, May 31, 2024

Ode to May

Wherein we were graced with beautiful skies; and a hail storm; our peonies bloomed; we tried a new recipe; the cub turned 19; I rescued a female box turtle from a busy road; we had a visit from an Eight-spotted Forester; we were able to see a smidge of aurora beneath a cloud; I had my annual Reclast Infusion; I went to see Wicked Little Letters which was hilarious; my son took me to lunch for Mother's Day and bought me delicious cookies; we found my favorite petunias; the hummingbirds arrived; and so did Food Truck Friday in our neighborhood; our moonflower bloomed and we hope for the return of the hawk moths.

Cinder Panther

Cinder Panther

Mother's Day Cookies
Cheesy Beans & Greens
10:30 PM - sliver of aurora beneath the cloud

8 Spotted Forester


Full Moon Rising

Hail stones

Reclast # 3

Silverberry & Black Magic

Night Sky

Birthday Dinner

Food Truck Friday - 3 Fires Oven

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