Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ode to November

Wherein we have a simple thanksgiving celebrating simple things to be thankful for:
each other
being Kahu to two wonderful cats
our home
fam & friends
a reliable car and a phone that works
a job that I enjoy and a team that inspires
a new path with added income
good food and good books
warm blankets
the mountains
the lake
the sunsets, always the sunsets

I completed the training and began studying for another national exam.  The cub learned to drive a forklift.  We went to see friends in another HS play and the cub drove to/fro in preparation for driving me home from surgery in a few months. 

Naoko Stoop #lifegoals




There was a wildfire in SNP that made the air stink and rendered advisory pings.  The paradox of being grateful for what little we have when there are many with less, and the war in Ukraine, and horrors faced by both Israel and Palestine.  

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