Monday, October 31, 2022

Ode to October

Wherein I celebrated my 59th ride around the sun at a Fairy Festival, and Fall Flea.
The cub made me a magical card, delish pizza, and I bought my fave cupcakes.
We had our first frost and I begrudgingly turned on the heat.
Our native garden is home to two types of mantises.
The cub caught a huge toad one night and it peed on him and we laughed hard.
We went to the apple butter fest in WV to find our fave grilled cheese truck.
We made our own too, and soups and chilli, and udon.
Charlee continues to bring us joy, as Morty continues to lose wt despite meds.
So many gorgeous sunsets, and a hot air balloon flew by again.
Awoke to a full moon and jupiter.
Celebrated All Hallows Eve the wizard way.
There were many noteworthy tweet treats.
I started my new job and am certain I've found the place to plant roots.
*Must remember to trust my instincts!
The pandemic is ongoing, with 440 dying per day, yet peeps aren't masking.
Russia is still bombing Ukraine.  


We met the Tooth Fairy
S donated to wildlife rescue & held this crow!

Our homemade Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

Food Truck Grilled Cheese Side Quest

Sir Wallace Peesalot

Moon & Jupiter

Leaky Cauldron replica sign

Wild All Hallows sky

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