Monday, May 29, 2017

Birthday Letters : Twelve

Dear Satchel,

Happy 12th ride around the sun!  What a wondrous year it has been!

This year has been one of courage and growth and new adventures.  We took a road trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where you rode nearly every ride in both parks.  This was the year you went on your first and most terrifying, upside roller coaster....TWICE! 

This is the year that you learned to stand up to bullies, but also the year that you learned that you have many friends who adore you.  You are so very loved, Satchel.

You are a wonderful boy.  You still retain your great sense of humor, and your skillful magic making.  Your teachers say that you have a wealth of knowledge about many different things.  And as always your creativity is amazing to witness.

Your drawings are detailed and interesting and your lego creations, and homemade contraptions are the best I've ever seen. 

Your love of fishing continues and you have developed a fondness for all thing Nerfy.  You have brought excitement and adventure to the neighborhood with ideas for nerf clubs, and battles.

You are TWELVE and this is special because you now begin the journey toward your 13th year when you officially become a teenager.  It is an exciting time filled with more privileges and responsibilities.  As part of your 12th birthday gift, we are planning your rites of passage for your 13th year.  You will soon be receiving one Quest to complete each month.  Some of the Quests you may find easy and some will be a challenge.  They each serve a purpose and will prepare you for the exciting times ahead.

Being your mom is the greatest gift I've ever known.  Thank you for picking me to be your mother.  Thank you for the laughter and for the many things that you teach me.  Thank you for the reciprocal gift of unconditional love and for the many ways you show it. 

On this 12th anniversary of your birth, may you know how deeply loved and admired you are.  I celebrate you!

 (for beautiful you are my world, my true)

Happy 12th ride around the sun, Satchel.
Thank you for being my son.

All my love,

(Posted at the time of your birth)

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