Saturday, June 13, 2015

Walking Stick Workshop

“As you start to walk on the way, 
the way appears.”- Rumi 

Another gem of a workshop at Walker Nature Center...

He chose three stamps for his grip, (Native American) and he created a vertical totem of sorts.

- Thunderbird (top):  Thunderbird foretells victory.

- Turtle (middle): a sacred figure, represents Mother Earth.  Signifies good health and long life. 

- Kokopelli (bottom): Spirit of music, dancing and joy, Kokopelli carries unborn children on his back and distributes them to women.  *Later I told him that when I was undergoing IVF to conceive him, one of the doctors that I worked with posted a picture of Kokopelli above my desk.

"I want to go to the frog pond",  he said.

"Frog pond or Sweet Frog", his dad asked.

"Frog pond then Sweet Frog",  he replied.

"Make a choice", his dad said.

"I choose both",  he answered.

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