Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Ode to May

Wherein we had an unseasonable heatwave and a few tornado watches. 
The US reached 1 million covid deaths. 
Russia is still attacking Ukraine.
And Roe vs. Wade is under attack.
There was a racially motivated shooting in Buffalo.
There was a massacre in an elementary school in Texas. 
If that wasn't enough - Monkeypox! 
The car engine broke and it's still in the shop, but thankfully it is covered under the warranty. 
We received tokens of appreciation at the clinic. 
The Irises, peonies, foxglove and false indigo have bloomed, as did the Spanish moss in bedroom which smells heavenly. 
There was a lunar eclipse of the full blood moon.
I made poles from which to hang string lights on the deck. 
And shelf mushrooms being used as mushroom shelves.
The 4th season of Stranger Things dropped and we make themed vegetarian junk food to eat while watching it.
A second booster
A mysterious symptom
A robins nest below deck
The Martins have moved into the birdhouse

Meanwhile, the cub turned 17!!!  

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