Saturday, January 01, 2022

Howdy 2022, Goodbye 2021

Good tidings, 2002: Please be gentle and joyous!

Farewell to 2021: Wherein we...

1. remain healthy through a pandemic

2. the cub made honor society.  

3. In June, I resigned from that depleting job working 10-12 x 6-7 with no PTO, holidays or benefits.  A scary but necessary leap.

4.  In August I landed the job I wanted, in the practice I wanted, with hours I wanted, with a great team, 15 min from home.

5.  Upon resignation I enrolled in a course to up my credentials.  Worked by day, schooled by night.

6.  passed the national exam, got said credentials, and a bonus, and am now taking a much needed rest.

7.  And somewhere, even amidst the utter exhaustion of the previous job, with so little free time, we managed to eke out joy...

8.  we masked up and wandered outdoor flea mkts

9.  we took short hikes

10.  brought our dinner to the river or lake

11.  we went kayaking and fishing

12.  dedicated Sundays to ice cream and call it "Ice cream Sunday". 

13.  We tried new recipes 

14.  and took the cub and his long time friend go-karting outdoors because it was the safest way for them to see each other. 

15.  We watched sunsets, meteors, a lunar eclipse, planets align, and space station fly bys. 

16.  We went to the tomato soup and grilled cheese festival.  

17.  We explored country back roads and met a really swell farmer.

18.  We met a sheriff dressed like a cowboy. 

19.  I got a bonus which paid for a brake job, a turkey which I donated to the local food pantry, and began the warranty repairs on our home. 

20.  We picnicked in the orchard with family on my bday. 

21.  We explored a new trail and stood inside the hollow of a ginormous living tree. 

22.  We got our hair cut - finally. 

23.  We went to a blueberry farm

24.  a firefly hike with Dr. Firebaugh

25.  a full moon hike at Blandy

26.  and an astronomy event in a wide open field which he said blew his mind. 

27.  We planted seeds literally and figuratively, and watched them grow. 


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