Saturday, September 12, 2020

Wise & Delectable Things

 And then

the butterfly
rose, weightless, in the wind.
"Don't love your life
too much," it said,
and vanished
into the world.

- Mary Oliver

I've been working 12hrs/7dys and finally got a day off to do all the things adulting requires

- and -

some gardening in the rain when I spotted a chrysalis on the moon flower.

After I finished all my chores, I went back out to photograph the chrysalis and this freshly emerged Monarch was waiting for me. That’s TWO this year that I know of, after planting the pollinator garden last year. We are elated.

I'm glad I was able to take the cub fishing before the call came last month that it was all hands on deck until further notice.  I checked my email this morning and it looks like they are finally reducing hours to 8 1/2 x 6 dys/wk, which feels like a relief.  I'm looking forward to a normal work schedule, whenever that happens. 

May this note find you happy and well and loving your life as I am. 

A long shift.


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