Sunday, May 17, 2020

Warp & Weft

"I believe in kindness. Also in mischief". - Mary Oliver

In this surreal and scary time, trying to weave a magical weft into the warp of minutia.  

The weft:  Taking him fishing, and building fairy houses for the kids to find.  Creating and hiding a geocache in a hollow trail marker tree.  Filling it with left over trinkets from his early birthday favors and his outgrown tiny treasures. 


The warp: Scanning a 25 page job application (not joking) to mail on Monday.  Checking the A/C to be sure it works for summer, and reprogramming the thermostat for the warmer days. Turing on outdoor spigots, while turning off the water to the humidistat.  Mowing the lawn ( No, my son will not not help, so please stop telling me that he should help.  I pick my battles, and don't want to spend my days arguing with a 14 yo every day. )  Caring for the seedlings.  Leaving messages with the DOI for my accountant.  Completing important documents like emergency plan, will and advanced directive.  And three hours each morning to restore years of missing photos to the diary because these are precious memories from his childhood.  It takes approximately an hour to repair one month.  I'm trying to repair three months each morning.

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