Thursday, July 02, 2015

Maine Summer Adventure

"My mama says
Unpack your memories
And then you will find
Then you will find
My love" - Trevor Hall

The first day of summer began with a 6 hour train ride to Connecticut where we were whisked away in my cousin Adelia's car on a 6 hour drive to Maine where we gathered to spend 9 days by the sea with beloved family members.  The time flew too swiftly by and Satch exclaimed, "I want to soak up every bit of's like another's magical and I don't want to leave". 

The salty breeze carried to us the memories of our precious elders so dearly missed.  We could almost hear their voices in the surf as the tide ebbed and flowed.  They taught us well how to remember and how to make memories.  From far and wide we gathered to re-member the roots of our family tree and when it was time to leave, we felt whole and eager to return next Summer.

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