Thursday, September 09, 2010

Need for Wonder

"We have an innate capacity and even a need for wonder, but our society, for a variety of reasons orbiting around fear and a desire for control, tends to misunderstand and therefore to repress wonder, even in children. In schools, for example, we are not interested in tremendous mystery but in tremendous certainty, and so activities direct children away from wonder and toward things like multiple choice examinations. The day dreamer is made to pay attention, giggles have little place in a typical classroom." - Tobin Hart, PhD

What I love most about Discovery Woods is the joy it brings my son. How the teachers take the time to observe the children and document the day in photos and words. Satch is eager to tell me about his adventures the moment I pick him up in the afternoon. Then after dinner, we look at the photos and diary of his day...we relive those moments with him.

"We formed a band at Banging Wall and I made a volcano drum and a rhythm!"

"We went to Faraway Hill and there was a skunk hole"!

"Lunch was delicious...I think it was couscous and tomorrow is build your own burrito day"!

"I bet you're excited about that, Satch".

"You can say that again!" (laughter)

Lunches and snacks are wholesome and organic and this is greatly appreciated by my little boy as he tells me enthusiastically about those "awesome lentils that Andrew made".

My days are much too quiet, but I am trying to think of the silence as music...the song of his becoming...the song of me reclaiming the bits of myself that I've put on hold in order to be fully present for my son.

(Photos by Discovery Woods)


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posted by Wendy at 6:25 AM


Blogger Cheryn said...

WOW. Discovery woods sounds amazing...i'm kinda feeling like maybe we'll make the commute :)

congrats to all of you on such a huge step in your journey....wondrous adventures and moments ahead.

8:35 AM  

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